Alexander Onea | CTO

Software Architecture, Development, Quality Management

Being a full stack Software Architect and Developer, I like clean, open source code, rigorous and automated testing and fully automated deployments.

My Values

  • Define Done & Get Things Done
  • Have a Plan & Code Pragmatically
  • Lead by Example & People over Processes
  • Keep It Simple, Dumb & Secure
  • Develop Test Driven & Automate Everything
  • Open Architecture & Open Data


Since 2004: Freelance Consultancy & Development

I have been working on different projects since 2004, mostly with my company unsere neue couch.

Since 2017: CTO is an award-winning recommendation, marketing and community platform for tradespeople and craftspersons in germany.

Between 2011 and 2017: Head of Software Engineering

Between 2011 and 2017 I worked as Head of Software Engineering for Goldbach Interactive (Germany) AG. Many different software projects completed with a heavy dose of Big Data, Analytics & Marketing Automation.


TechStack, Data, (Self)-Tuning & Optimization.


Terraform, Kubernetes, k9s, Docker, puppet, AWS, gitlab, jenkins, github actions. Prometheus & grafana. kafka.


Lucene, Solr & Elastic Stack.


Oracle, Postgres, Amazon RDS, MySQL, MariaDB, baseX, mongoDB, redis


bash, php, java, yaml. jQuery, react, LESS, SASS, bootstrap, go, hugo, english, german, romanian, (french)


xUnit, Selenium, Jasmine, Browserstack.


Swim, Bike & Run.

Get in touch

Alexander Onea
unsere neue couch
Wessenbergstr. 21
D-78462 Konstanz
+49 (0) 171 215 9781